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12 March 2006 @ 07:24 pm
So I went to Mckinney park today. There were some waterfalls and a lot of rocks. It was good to be outside and explore nature. Though Texas is a little more rugged and not as wild-lifey as the north.

On a completely different note: My WoW playing is going good, I should be 60 in the next few weeks. It always feels good to accomplish that goal.
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10 March 2006 @ 02:23 pm
I am just using this journal entry to tell Fanboi that I forgive him. Now to be really nice to me since you feel bad and stuff you can level to run sunken temple! WHooooooo.

Other than that, it's Friday, its beautiful out, and I am ready to go home.
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25 August 2004 @ 01:00 am
Well its back to class. So far my classes look like a ton of work, but thats OK cuz I finally have one class I can be passionate about. Its an opengl course. So in no time at all I will have boxes spinning, moving, bouncing around my screen.

Is the semester over yet? damn.
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18 August 2004 @ 08:57 pm
Erica got back last night. This involved me picking her up at the Greyhound station in Des Moines. No less than 3 people asked me for change. However, I saw a far weirder individual later that night.

Today we moved Erica's crap into her new place. Got it all done in one day...even got groceries. Tomorrow its library and book store time. Maybe someday I'll go to work, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

I'm pretty excited about my OpenGL class this next semester. It's totally nerdy, but it finally is a class where I get to make pretty visual things on a computer. Should be a blast. I am not looking forward to Native American studies. Which reminds me....the weird individual.

So Alex, Erica, and I were going to HyVee for some Juice and some Cola and in the parking lot this Indian guy like stumbles up to us, obviously drunk and is like Yo, Whats up guyysssss. (While proceeding to hold his fist out in traditional navajo greeting fashion, For Alex to place his fist against like the homies they are) We then walked away quickly before he asked us to buy some firewater or something.

As a side note, over the summer we had 7k boy scouts here. Literally. They filled up Ames, but I found them far preferable over the college students that are moving in now. The college students bring their parents, who invariably bitch about everything, have no idea where they are driving, and park wherever they damn well please. They are annoying. Also boyscouts follow pedestrian traffic rules, and they dont use parking spots. Things college students are far to good for, since at any point in the street is just as good as the next for crossing. I was in the car with Adam and Alex and this dude with his girlfriend wait till the light turn green, then step in front of my car blocking me blatantly. The guy just turned his head sheepishly and gave me a index finger/thumb wag. To which i just shook my head in disbelief.

Tony threw a mini party last night that was enjoyable. They were able to drink enough Keystone light to build a tower from the counter top to the ceiling. The 'Tower of Love'. How it got that name is a mystery. We then played 'Shithead' which was fun.

I think there is only one more curseword I havent used yet in this post, maybe two. So I'll stop while I'm ahead.
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So a little about me for a change.

Saw the village today. That's all I am going to say. Go see it yourself.

Went to my grandpas birthday last weekend. He is 86 now. Also checked out the Czech festival in Wilbur Nebraska. The beer tent and briscuits were supreme. Next year I'll try out a Wilbur Weenie. My cousin lives out on a farm and has THE single dumbest dog ever created. You tell it to sit, and it goes and swallows a rock.

Talked to Kacie today, she sounds happy down in Texas. Big party town I guess.

Erica survived another greyhound trip to Indiana. Each one brings her one step closer to seeing the end of civilization. This time a 40 year old and a 20-something year old mexican hit on her at the bus station. Apparently they used my line of "Hey where are you going" "Indiana" " Hmmm, I don't know anyone from there, but I'd like to get to know you"

First off, if you are 40 and hitting on Erica, FOR SHAME! I need not explain why.
Second, I can't believe that line didnt work.

That is enough for now.
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02 August 2004 @ 12:20 pm
Long weekend. Got no homework done. Played cranium and pool at Adam Oline's mansion! Great times there. Also ate pizza no less than 12 times. Watched Godsend, and something else, Donny Darko maybe.

Only 4 days until freedom. Gonna buy books today so that should only cost 9000 dollars.

Good thing i work (haha)
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30 July 2004 @ 03:13 am
Hung out with Eric tonight at his place. Man, what a loser.


I forgot to mention this guy

Aaron Hurd Now he is a Douche

From urban dictionary

- The Modern Super Soaker for the female reproductive organ...
-An individual who is a complete jerk-off, jackass, or bastard.

Also he is a Derp


1: A stupid or incompetent person who believes that they are intelligent.
(I.E. President Bush)
2: A pathetic or unworthy adversary or opponent.

1: An intentionally stupid joke or action used to create a self-parody.
2: An easily aviodable mistake or flaw that is not addressed until it is too late to alter or fix.

1: Man, our President is such a derp.
2: Those derps never stood a chance against me.

1: That joke was such a derp.
2: I really did not see the derp in my plan until it was too late.
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28 July 2004 @ 10:46 am
PS2 owners get some love...this little hack will let you put your games on a hdd and play them from there. a la Xbox. This eliminates load times, disc errors, and *cough* owning the game.

However I think they stopped selling this, but I'm SURE you can get your hands on it. Only minus side is you need to get your own HDD.

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27 July 2004 @ 10:28 pm
I give up. I don't even care about the last few homework assignments or the last test. I just want to be out of this class so I can start the vicious cycle all over again. It seems like I can't win.

Today was fun. And I mean sucked. But at least I got a good nap in.

Don't you hate it when you bite your cheek then it hurts forever? yeah, me too.
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27 July 2004 @ 12:37 am
U2's new album vertigo got stolen in France. Trust the french to be bitches. So now U2 says if it gets released on P2P networks before the album gets released they will rush the album into iTunes. Metallica's response? SUE AND KILL EVERYONE.

However, the odds are that a new U2 album will suck so bad nobody will care. Which is too bad.

I also have been kicking my classes ass this summer, and my Senior Design group and project is coming along well. Hopefully next year will be 50% interesting, and 50% easy Gen Ed, bullshit. Either way, I will get out of this school somehow.

I have to move all my crap out into my place for the Fall this Friday. Alex moves in the same time, but he leaves right away, so I'll be all alone without a T.V. Wtf am I going to do?

I cannot believe Alex and I played Samurai Warriors for about 300 hours. We maxed out a couple characters, got some items, and beat a campaign on Hard. Alas, there are still more characters to unlock.

I also have been drawn into Sudeki, at least until my entire party got wiped out from shadow monsters from the dark realm.

Erica made some chocolate cake. Like 8 pounds of it. Its damn good too. Look for me in Jenny Craig commercials soon.
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